“Commitment & Authenticity”

A week ago Sunday, my Pastor challenged us to COMMIT ourselves to reach the lost. My pastor has encouraged us to see people who have walked away from the church not as back sliders, but as displaced apostolic’s. Or as one minister recently taught we need to see people who are not living for Jesus as, “Missing.” Our church youth director a couple of weeks ago shared his testimony of how God brought him out of witchcraft and the Wicca religion. He was one of those who were once “Missing.” There was one point he made which really stood out to me. He said, “All the, ‘Christians’, in his life were really no different from anyone else. They did not have any authenticity.” Until he came across one which ended up becoming his wife later on.

I walked away from that evening after hearing him speak and asked God to help me be authentic. To be an authentic apostolic. To love and care for people. To be real and show the love of God through my speech, my actions, and my attitudes and responses. I later had a conversation with my girls and told them that people are always watching us.

I asked them, “Are people going to see authenticity when they watch us from afar or are they going to see nothing different in us to cause them to want, ‘The Jesus’, we say we possess?”

Oh, that we would be oh so careful, Church, to be truly Authentic Christians!

My Pastor challenged us to love people. To be passionate about being, “Jesus” to those we come across. To be what this faith is really about. That we would be aware of those in our path that He wants to reach. He challenged us to not become so busy with our daily commitments that we miss the opportunity to be truly apostolic to those in need.

There is a harvest out there, but where are the reapers? Will we be the ones to accept the challenge to reap the harvest? We, must get out in the fields and do the work. God has spoken many promises for the church today which so many have not yet obtained. In order to obtain the promises though, we must get out and sow some seed and do the reaping. We must go out and take hold of the promises that God has spoken over us and minister to the Missing.

My Pastor referred to Luke 19:10 “For the son of man is come to seek and to save that which is lost.” The lost can be found, but they won’t be found unless we COMMIT to be Jesus’ hands and feet to them.


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